What to play: Grimvalor and Tesla vs Lovecraft on Android, MMORPG Tales of Wind and others (May 2019)

This week probably especially pleased Android users, because it was in Google Play that several interesting new products were released. But so that iOS users do not feel deprived, it is worth saying that these projects have been available on their platform since last year. But the brand new and very unusual Angry Birds is currently available only in the App Store. Oh, yes, MMORPG this week was also, but where without them?

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GrimvalorThis action game had every chance to become one of the best mobile games last year, but either the high price, or lack of localization, or a weak marketing campaign prevented this. However, now the project has reached Android, and it has a second chance to show itself.

Grimvalor is an action platformer with a side view and pseudo-three-dimensional graphics. The basis of the gameplay is hack & slash in the best traditions of Devil May Cry. You have to control a lone warrior who goes on a journey to rid the world of evil.

To do this, you will have to learn powerful combinations, use powerful weapons and pump your character. And if ordinary weapons are suitable against ordinary enemies, then something more will be needed for the bosses.

Traditionally, on Android, developers have slightly changed the way of monetization. So, the first act, which lasts about 1.5 hours, can be completed for free. And only after that, if there is a desire — to buy all the content. The game already supports cloud saves, controllers, and works without the internet.

Shards of Infinitycard games on mobile abound. Hearthstone and The Elder Scrolls: Legends alone are enough for most players. But what about those who are already tired of these entertainments? Pay attention to Shards of Infinity – a new card game from the authors of the popular Ascension.

But before proceeding to the description of the game itself, it is worth saying that it is now being distributed in beta test mode. The test is open, so everyone can play, but the developers do not accept responsibility for errors and unstable operation.

The game takes place in a world controlled by a Perpetual Motion Machine. 100 years before that, it breaks, and its fragments almost destroy the whole world. You also have to restore it, for some reason, fighting for this with enemies.

The game has 2 modes: local and online. In the first case, 4 players can participate: real and artificial intelligence. In the second case, all 4 will be selected from applicants from all over the world.

In the process, you will have to collect units of various creatures in the usual way and use them to attack the enemy. The main goal of each battle is to lower the health value of all players to zero until someone does the same to you.

If you play not only for the sake of the gameplay, you will notice an unusual setting and very high-quality art on the maps. Try Shards of Inifinity is worth at least for the sake of this.

Astrologaster released this week and temporary exclusives for iOS. Maybe just not as expected as on Android. Astrologaster is a humorous adventure about an astrologer who lived in Shakespeare's time and "cured" people of the plague.

This comedy was invented by the authors of the popular puzzle Tengami. Astologaster is also visually designed in the style of a clamshell book.

The action takes place in 1592, in London. The capital of England was overwhelmed by the plague, and the doctors, instead of treating, left the city in fear. At this point, Simon Foreman - the "doctor" of astrology, astronomy and other "sciences" - enters the stage.

It is worth noting that this is a real person who really lived at that time and was really engaged in astrology. Even during his lifetime, some writers characterized him either as a fool, or as an evil magician who made an alliance with the devil himself.

But in the Astrologaster setting, Simon is the only hope of a city dying of the plague. In the process of passing you will have to communicate with 14 characters, each of which has its own problem. And all of them you will solve with the help of stars.

Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus Can you believe that zombies will once cease to be popular. Some game developers are already aware of the fact that people deliberately avoid entertainment with the walking dead, and try to come up with replacements for them. Dead Rain 2 is a continuation of the action-platformer, which takes place in a world inhabited by creatures whose bodies grow... trees.

From a gameplay point of view, this is a typical platformer with action elements. You will travel through the familiar scenery of the real world, although noticeably changed since the onset of the apocalypse. However, at every step you will be waiting for monsters with branches sticking out of different parts of the body.

Over time, as you get more comfortable with the local controls, find more powerful weapons, and move further along the story, these monsters will attack by the dozens or even hundreds, so you'll need something more than a gun. And when you learn to cope with even such crowds, suddenly there will be bosses.

Dead Rain 2 is a dynamic eshken with almost no plot, but with an ever-increasing level of difficulty and the ability to pump. The first levels may be worth waiting out, but later ones will pay for them with a vengeance.

Ghost Racing: Formula ezhanr racing is very popular on mobile. Despite this, there are not many really worthy projects. For each GRID Autosport, there are a dozen soulless Asphalts. But sometimes developers are able to surprise, as surprised by the studio Virtually Live, which released Ghost Racing: Formula E.

First of all, it's just a beautiful game. You are waiting for several accurately recreated real tracks, where the races of the Formua E class take place, and, of course, shining cars.

There are standard modes in the game: in them you can race with other players from all over the world. But the main feature of Ghost Racing is not in this. The developers focus on the fact that you will be able to participate in real Formula E races, competing with real drivers.

This is made possible by real-time telemetry and data synchronization technologies. To do this, of course, you will have to wait for the moment when such competitions will take place, but it is worth it.

Other standard attributes of racing in terms of car tuning, various achievements and the ability to record spectacular replays are available.

Tesla vs LovecraftStudio 10tons probably knows best in the world how to make cool modern isometric shooters. Her portfolio includes the iconic Crimsonland, the brutal JYDGE and the brand new Tesla vs Lovecraft, which managed to please iOS users last year.

This time you will play for the now popular scientist Nikola Tesla, who will use his inventions to destroy the crowds of monsters created by the crazy fantasy of an equally popular author, Howard Lovecraft.

In your hands will be a huge battle robot Tesla, dozens of weapons from standard shotguns to the wonders of science, including energy weapons and X-ray blade, and even the ability to teleport.

The game has a story mode with manually created levels and a survival mode, where you will need to hold out as long as possible, fighting with waves of enemies. The main thing — do not forget to switch the difficulty modes.

And for iOS users, the developers have prepared the first DLC, which is called "For Science". This is a set of new levels, weapons, abilities and power-ups for the main character, as well as a Dreamlands mode with an infinite number of stages, an ever-increasing level of difficulty and rewards. For Android, the add-on is also available.

Kingsman – The Secret Service Games based on movies, TV series and cartoons have never been known for their special quality. Most often, they were seized by studios that just make money. On mobile, things got even worse. This is the only way to characterize dozens of "three-in-a-row" literally for each more or less popular cartoon. However, there are exceptions.

Kingsman – The Secret Serive – This game is based on the stylish action comedy film by Matthew Vaughn "Kingsman: The Secret Service", released in 2015.

In this platformer, you take control of the main character of the first part, a guy named Eggsy, who only recently became an agent of the special service.

The action takes place after the destruction of the Kingsman base, and Eggsy decides to get to the root of the conspiracy and uncover the criminals.

Gameplay This is a stealth platformer, where you will use several types of weapons and a variety of spy devices, to pass level after level unnoticed.

The game can hardly be called outstanding in terms of graphics, but since it is a full-fledged platformer with some semblance of a plot, original stealth mechanics and familiar images from the film, it is definitely worth paying attention.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of BIRDS There are hardly those who are not tired of "Angry Birds". After the release of the original puzzle in 2009, Rovio studio tried everything so that Angry Birds would not be forgotten. There were races, and RPG, and three-in-a-row, and even a full-length cartoon. But it turned out that the only thing missing for the second breath is a new technology.

< p> < /p > Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs – this is the same puzzle game where you have to use a slingshot to throw angry birds at rickety structures with green pigs. The only difference is that everything happens in augmented reality. The scenery can only be seen on a smartphone screen, but thanks to the camera and advanced processors that capture and analyze your environment, these same scenery will be placed right at your home. Or in the park. Or anywhere else. But even this is not the most interesting.

The cool thing is that you can actually walk around this structure and choose which side is best to approach it. Therefore, even those pitiful 30 levels, which may seem small compared to the hundreds at the start in the previous parts, will give pleasure for a very long time.

Take into account only the fact that the game needs more or less powerful devices: no weaker than the iPhone SE or 6s.

< /p>NBA 2K Mobile Basketballthe publisher of 2K has really serious problems with the NBA 2K franchise, but this does not prevent it from releasing a new game every year. NBA 2K19 has 27% positive reviews on Steam out of more than 7 thousand, and on mobile the average rating is about 3.5 out of 5. Now the publisher is introducing free NBA 2K Mobile Basketball, which the first players set an average of 3.3. But what's the point?

First of all, you need to calm down the fans of basketball simulators. The same project in the App Store has an average rating of 4.6, and most of the negative reviews in Google Play are devoted to technical problems that, hopefully, will be fixed in the future.

In other respects, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is the same three-dimensional realistic simulator, which, unlike the standard version, is distributed for free. This means that you do not get all the content, but a skeleton on which new content will be layered, obtained either during the passage or by microtransactions. Most of all, this will affect athletes, who can be bought in the form of cards and pumped. This will not affect the gameplay itself, but fans of classic simulators may be upset

Multiplayer modes for opposing real players in NBA 2K are also available.

Tales of Wind traditionally completing the next MMORPG. This is an anime-style multiplayer RPG that is currently being distributed in open beta mode.

At the beginning, the player can choose a character from one of 4 classes: Warrior, Mage, Cleric, or assassin. Each of them has a basic skill and one of the options for further advancement.

The project is made in a three-dimensional style, but it can not boast of cinematic graphics or outstanding animations.

The plot tells about the city of Laplace, which was once blessed by the gods, but a shadow fell on it. Your task will be to determine the cause of the appearance of darkness, return the light and save everyone.

Autoboy, of course, is present, but the manual combat system is also in place. In the course of the passage, you will find a full-fledged story mode, the ability to become part of the guild and several PvP in real time.

After a rather poor April for good releases, the first week of May was a good compromise, having managed to offer both a slasher, a shooter, and a humorous adventure, which, unfortunately, only those who know English can appreciate. Not without an MMORPG, and its players are also very praised, so do not miss it. Maybe she's the one.