What to play: Real Boxing 2, Kill Shot Bravo and other new items

This time, the top ten games of the week are very diverse – from the expected and long-announced releases, to several unexpected appearances and fresh debuts.

Action lovers will be especially happy – they will have the opportunity to shoot, fight in PvP arenas and beat a couple of opponents in the ring – what's not fun?! However, adventures, travel and thoughtful card battles are also present, so fans of a more relaxed gameplay will also have something to do

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade


gEta game attracted the attention of gamers at the presentation of the iPhone 6S, and now it has finally reached the iOS platform. It has enough action and great graphics to consolidate the initial impression made. The mechanics of the rail shooter involved in this game are unlikely to please you with something particularly original, but it is implemented very efficiently,which can not but please.

RKill Shot Bravo

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Hothead Games offers you to properly arm yourself and take up the fight against terrorists, take part in online sniper duels and invite your friends to fight the enemies with you. Exciting missions in different parts of the world and bad guys who need to be destroyed – isn't it tempting?!

Mabinogi Duel

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Rthe new card game Mabinogi Duel features a seriously developed single-player mode, although multiplayer online battles in the PvP arena are also present here. And, most interestingly, its gameplay is so fascinating that it will be very difficult for a real fan of card titles to break away from it.

Game of Thrones The Ice Dragon

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RTHE last episode of Game of Thrones is already available from the first part as an in-game purchase. This is the end of this series of games, leaving players with a lot of impressions. Diplomacy and battle, guile and bravery-all mixed up in the fascinating story of the House of Forrester, which unfolded before your eyes throughout the series.

Real Boxing 2 CREED

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special for fans of the Real Boxing series of games and those who still remember the franchise "Rocky" this is a pretty spectacular mix. The role of the student of Rocky Balboa himself looks very tempting to refuse the temptation to enter the ring. The road to the world championship is open – you just have to listen to the advice of the hero Sylvester Stallone.

Last Horizon

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Pixeljam Studio, known to us as the author of Glorkian Warrior, offers you a minimalist journey to the stars. You, as the last representative of civilization, will have to search for new planets, terraform them into convenient ones for life, extract resources and just survive – after all, in the vastness of space without it in any way.

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures

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Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures

< / p >Rheroes Tactics: Mythiventures

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< / p >G In this game, you will find tactical fantasy battles, creating your own team of heroes, customizing them and improving their skills, a ton of diverse content and solid battles. This is the first mobile development from the Newland Canada studio, and we hope that it will be successful.

Call of Champions

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Finally, the owners of Android devices waited for the appearance of this MOBA on their platform. You have to choose your champion, recruit a team for him and fight with the enemies online. This title provides short five-minute battles based on the classic MOVA mechanics, with the participation of minions, the use of power-ups and tactical elements.

Lifeline 2

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After the debut on iOS, this sequel has safely reached the Android platform. It is a real-time adventure based on notifications about the heroine's movement and making decisions according to these notifications. Your task is to help a girl named Arika avenge her family. The plot of the game is interesting and deep enough to draw attention to it.

Sheep Dreams Are Made of This


MiniChimera Game Studio offers this unique game in which your character will be an unhappy sheep, tormented by nightmares. You will have to collect fragments of her memories scattered across the levels to open the next door and escape from the nightmares.