What to play: Transistor, Drift Girls and other new items of the week

This week in the vastness of mobile gaming was marked by a variety of releases, among which there was one unexpected surprise. We offer you a traditional list of the best new products, and we promise that it has quite decent titles that will help you pass the weekend, and some of them will stay on your devices for a long time.



the first game on our list was the mega-surprise of the week. It's hard to believe that the developers of the famous game Bastion will suddenly release their second successful title, the action-RPG Transistor, on iOS, and will do it quietly and without announcements. This development made a splash with its appearance on PC and consoles, and now mobile players are waiting for an immersion in its fascinating and incredibly beautiful world.

< /p>Angry Birds Fight!

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Do recently angry birds failed to get to literally a couple of genres. Now this list has become even shorter – after all, Angry Birds has appeared in the style of a match-3 puzzle with elements of battles. You have a chance to check how well the guys from Rovio managed this version of the gameplay (if, of course, the birds have not yet bored you completely).

Threes! Free

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The developers of the famous Threes decided to make a marketing move, which they so missed before – they released a free version of their mathematical puzzle. Do you want to know where 2048 came from? Download Threes! Free and you will see the original version of the game, which has been repeatedly cloned, which once again confirms that it is still the best.

Green Ninja: Year of the Frog

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Nitrome Studio continues to delight us with releases. This time, players are waiting for a bright and cute action-puzzle game, in which the main character-a frog smashes enemies like a real ninja. It will at least be fun – we guarantee you.

Zen Pinball-eSports Edition


If you consider yourself an ace of pinball, then the new title from Zen Studios is ready to test it in practice. In it, you can play for real money, like a real professional, and take a place worthy of your skills in the leaderboards.

Slippy Slides


special for those gamers who love retro graphics and are fans of ski-themed games like Dudeski or Skiing Yeti Mountain, we present a pretty cute game Slippy Slides. Its characters are cute, and the gameplay is simple – what else do you need for a time-killer?

Zombie Defense: Modern RTS & TD Hybrid

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gEta game has a difficult-to-pronounce name and a rather interesting internal structure. It really combines elements of real-time strategy with a favorite genre of many tower defense. The authors managed to achieve depth in both aspects of the game, and this is its important plus.

Outside World


Lavry creators Monument Valley do not give rest to the developers, and the new game Outside World proves it. The original isometric puzzle game with surreal locations will offer you to manage the journey of the main character through a bizarre world, and these trips, of course, are impossible without solving puzzles.

Drift Girls

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This racer is incredibly popular in Korea, and now it has reached Western markets. In it, in addition to drifting, you will have dates with charming girls-the characters of the game, but these dates directly depend on your driving skills and the purity of passing levels.


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After a successful launch on iOS, this game has reached the Android platform. Its gameplay is very original and does not look like the developments you are already familiar with. You have to help the unfortunate victim of circumstances to survive on an inhospitable planet. That sounds promising…