What to play: Fightlings, Donut County and other new items of the week (August 2018)

The long summer days are over, and autumn evenings will increasingly leave you on the couch, alone with your smartphone. And a selection of the next creations of game designers will be useful in order to entertain and captivate in the next shootout, travel and adventure.

Bloons Adventure Time TD

The world and characters of the popular tower defense game Bloons have successfully teamed up with the heroes of the famous animated series Adventure Time. As a result, gamers have the opportunity to fight alongside Finn and Jake against the balls trying to capture the kingdom of Uuu on 50 maps in 15 exciting stories.

Donut County

This story-based physics puzzle game offers players a rather strange role – a raccoon who steals garbage from his friends. As strange as it may sound, you will have to solve puzzles in this role. It remains to wish you success in collecting and collecting "garbage" treasures.


In this collectible card game, your playground will be the whole world – its locations are open to search for creatures and souls, and PVP battles await future winners and champions. You will have to explore territories and search for different types of resources in the given places, monitor the weather changes and, of course, fight using the collected deck. .


Visually simple, stylish and concise puzzle Optica is not based on geometric illusions and light phenomena. 70 levels of this game will challenge all those who want to test their logic, ingenuity and spatial thinking, without which it is simply impossible to do.

All-Star Troopers

Building a base and fighting, as it turned out, can be done in intergalactic space. But, a base created in time does not mean success-you will need an army that can not only protect its own territories in deep space, but also capture neighboring ones, freeing them from evil aliens.

Bloody Bunny: First Blood

Yes, you heard right, here is an action game, the main character of which will be a rabbit, but not cute and cute, but extremely brutal and dangerous. He's heavily armed, and he's unlikely to be stopped. But to help him break through a ton of levels and take revenge on the offenders-this is quite within your power.

Unfortunately, a day after the publication, the game disappeared from the app store, perhaps this is temporary.

Pro Strategy Football 2019

Not always realistic football simulators and games that offer near-football management will be able to offer the same level of strategic depth, club work and participation in leagues as Pro Strategy Football 2019. The authors promise gamers many hours of play, fast matches and creating their own team on the way to victory.

RAGNAROK Vikings at War

Here is a classic MMO, the essence of which is the construction of a settlement, the creation of an army and the construction of ships, the training of warriors and, of course, raids aimed at capturing or simply looting neighboring countries and kingdoms. Before your ships begin to return from the raids with the same loot, you will have to survive a lot of PvE and PvP battles and become a real ace in them. Well, go ahead, that's why you are the ruler of the Vikings.

Ninja Warrior vs Mafia Clans

Only on the touchscreens, ninja warriors can fight on the city streets against the criminal world. And you have to become one of them in this simulator. Clear the city of crime, defeat the mafia? You are welcome. But first, arm yourself with something other than a katana, steal a car from the bandits – and then drive around the city and restore justice.

Zombie Overkill: Halloween war

Zombie shooters and Halloween themes have started a little early in the app stores – the end of October is still far away. But, nevertheless, shoot lightning at the walking dead in a fresh top-down shooter and try to survive in the post-apocalypse – why not?!