When, and most importantly, what to expect from iOS 13? All the rumors and speculation in one place

The appearance of iOS 13 promises many innovations for the iPhone and iPad, and I would like to believe that these innovations will really come. What to expect from the next Apple operating system? First of all, everything that iOS 12 and iOS 12.2 did not provide, focused, for the most part, on stability.

Now it's time to change the user interface and redesign applications-there is no doubt about it. There is a lot of information on the web about what exactly Apple representatives will bring to iOS 13, so we decided to gather all the rumors and assumptions together, without waiting for June and WWDC 2019.

iOS 13 - release date June 3 - approximate date of WWDC 2019The beginning of June – the appearance of the beta version of iOS 13 for some developers End of June-the possible launch of the public beta version of iOS 13 for testing September 2019 – the release of iOS 13 in parallel with the new iPhone, theoretically, iOS 13 will be released in the future.announced on Monday, June 3, at the traditional annual WWDC conference in San Jose. This date is not exact, but since the two previous conferences were held on Mondays, June 4 and 5, respectively, some trend can be noticed.

iOS 13 developer beta: The beta version of the new operating system usually appears on the hands of partner developers a few days before WWDC. Most likely, it will be the same this time.

iOS 13 public beta: This version will be intended for the general public, but will remain a bit raw, without some features.

The official iOS 13: The final version of iOS 13 will be released, as usual, in mid-September, when the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11 XR will be introduced.

< /p>iOS 13-compatibility

To date, Apple has continued to support the iPhone 5S, the first smartphone with a 64-bit processor on board. It, like the iPad Air and iPad mini 2, saw six versions of the operating system.

It is likely that the seventh version of these devices will not see-most likely, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and iPod Touch 6 will be the oldest devices with which iOS 13 will be compatible.

Apple may make the minimum requirement for upgrading to iOS 13 the presence of the A8 chipset. There are rumors that even the iPhone 6 and 6S, iPad Air 2 and iPhone SE will not support iOS 13.

Do not expect that Apple at WWDC 2019 will definitely announce the incompatibility of the iPhone 5S with iOS 13. In addition, it should be noted that not all functions of the new OS will necessarily work on all devices. Some of them will require a TrueDepth camera, a dual lens, or a 3D Touch interface.

iPad-waiting for changes

Every two years, the iPad line gets significant changes. It looks like iOS 13 will bring something new to the iPad software, bringing the capabilities of these tablets closer to computers. There is also a version about the release of the iPad 11 and iPad 12.9 in the current year.

What would you like to see on the iPad in 2019? For example, the Desktop Mode with the menu and taskbar at the top and bottom of the screen, respectively, as well as support for a Bluetooth mouse. Both of these features are already implemented in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, but the very performance of the touchscreen there is let down. We hope that Apple will be able to make these innovations not just work, but also convenient.

There are rumors that Apple representatives plan to change the user interface and home screen of the iPad in the first place, before the iPhone touches any changes. I would like to see the expansion of the capabilities of Apple Files and support for external memory – this would make, for example, the iPad Pro a more user-friendly device.

The redesign of the home screen

iOS 13 seems to finally change the Home screen, which has not been changed since 2007. Perhaps some of the apps and widgets on the Today screen will migrate to the home screen. This applies to the weather forecast, calendar, and Apple News. It would also be convenient to get information from the Apple Watch to the home screen. Despite the fact that rumors claim that these changes will affect only the iPad, we would like to see some changes in the UI and on the iPhone screens to an equal extent.

iOS 13-the advent of dark mode

iOS 13 may be the OS that will bring users the long-awaited dark mode. Apple introduced it for macOS Mojave at WWWC last year, so the rumors about the appearance of such a mode on the iPhone and iPad in 2019 seem quite logical. Dark mode will make the use of applications at night more convenient, because in normal mode, their color scheme is too light and hurts the eye.

Changes in the camera app

The camera app has long looked too simplistic, it lacks functionality. Yes, it is convenient for ordinary users, but more advanced photography enthusiasts on other platforms get much more opportunities. For example, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 can control the camera with gestures, shooting video in the LG V40 provides a zoom in any part of the screen, not just in the center, and in the Google Pixel 3 there is a Night Sight mode that allows you not to use the flash when shooting at night, so as not to spoil the frame. In general, the expansion of the camera app is long overdue, including the control of the resolution and frame rate when shooting.

The appearance of the Health and Activity apps on the iPad The Apple Health and Activity apps offer the user a large amount of information. These are graphs, maps, and a lot of numbers - everything that would look great on a large iPad screen, and not just on an Apple Watch or iPhone. At the same time, it would be nice to get the application data on macOS as well.

Clipboard Manager An application for working with the clipboard exists, but its problem is that it is not built into the UI. We hope that Apple will make it easier to copy the necessary information to and from the buffer in iOS 13.

Blocking spam calls It would be nice to see improvements in iOS 13 regarding blocking unnecessary calls. For example, a similar blocker already exists in Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and given the number of advertising calls, it becomes relevant for all smartphones and all platforms. Yes, last year the iOS update added this feature, but it was not free. I would like to get access to such options in full and not for a fee.

Switch between WiFi and Bluetooth via Control Center

Until now, switching between WiFi networks or Bluetooth devices was not possible without exiting the apps. Yes, Control Center allowed you to turn WiFi and Bluetooth on and off from the drop-down menu. But it was impossible to change networks and devices without visiting the Settings menu and going deeper into its submenus. Hopefully, iOS 13 will change that. This nuance is especially relevant for travel and travel, when there is a need to repeatedly switch between networks.