When will the Sanhok map appear in PUBG Mobile?

Real PUBG fans have been waiting for a new map called Sanhok to appear in the mobile version of the game for some time. Proka it is available only for Chinese gamers, while all other players are forced to be patient and wait for the PUBG Mobile update, promised by the developers soon.

Soon? Very soon!Naturally, impatient gamers have a question about how soon this will happen, especially since the exact date of the update has not yet been named. Judging by information from some sources, the new map should appear in the game in update 0.8. Previously, it was announced that the Sanhok map will be released in the third season of the game, which, by the way, recently started. Therefore, it is not difficult to assume that the update will take place in September.

Read more about Sanhok Fans of the PUBG series are already well aware that Sanhok offers high-speed gameplay, in which you can not do without dynamic action. Beginners should also know that the size of this map is much smaller than the standard ones, so the distance between players here is reduced and collecting loot becomes a more complex process. This makes the gameplay itself more energetic and shorter, which means that you will have to shoot much more, and to a lesser extent to search for useful items.

So that you understand what we are talking about (if you are, of course, a beginner) - standard maps in PUBG Mobile have a size of 8 by 8 kilometers. Sanhok is exactly two times smaller than the Erangel and Miramar maps: its size is four by four kilometers.

The action on the Sanhok map develops in Southeast Asia. This region is well known for its suddenly changing weather and the presence of a large number of tropical islands. In PUBG, these features are preserved – the weather on the Sanhok map will change dynamically, gamers are waiting for a tropical climate, a full cycle of day and night changes, and the need to act at any time of the day, including capturing buildings under the cover of darkness.

If this compact map with a ton of action is not enough for you, you can pay attention to those exclusive items that will appear in the update in parallel with it. Among these exclusives will be a new weapon called QBU. In fact, the QBU is a DMR with a bipod (stop), which is ideal for sniper shooting at medium distances and on terrain where there is a slope.

I wonder what else will appear in PUBG Mobile with the release of the Sanhok map?

One of the most interesting aspects of PUBG on PC or XBOX platforms is the ability to view the game again from the victim's perspective. And this is not so entertaining as it is educational. You can make a lot of discoveries for yourself by watching how others play and win, and learn from these videos a useful experience. A good example of this is the style of the game, in which gamers leave their loot or first aid kits in a prominent place, setting up an ambush nearby.

The system of repeated views of the game in PUBG is one of the most convenient. It has additional features, such as X-ray mode, which allows you to view matches quickly, switching the camera to free mode or to the angle of the selected player.

This feature is certainly very much lacking in the mobile version of the game, and we hope that it will definitely appear in one of the future updates. Moreover, re-viewing matches has recently become one of the basic options in modern mobile shooters.

Perhaps you have your own ideas about what you would like to see in the upcoming PUBG Mobile updates? We are waiting for your comments.