Zombies need your brain: a selection of interesting games for Android and iOS about zombies

The closer to Halloween, the more often gamers remember horror games, games with a touch of mysticism and all sorts of horror stories. Another popular Halloween theme is the zombie apocalypse. Its characteristic atmosphere of utter hopelessness has long been described in games and horror films in a very realistic way. And recently, the zombie theme has firmly established itself in mobile gaming, and our selection of the best iOS and Android games about zombies is proof of this.

Zombie Catchers

Not all zombie games are designed to scare gamers, and this action-strategy is just that. Here players are waiting for a fun action: creating your own business empire on Earth, flooded with zombies of all stripes and types. How can you make money with the help of zombies, you ask? The answer to this question is known to the main characters of this humorous title.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

The death of the zombie epidemic has overtaken humanity, and now a few survivors are fighting for the right to exist on the ruins of a once civilized world. The planet is inhabited by zombies, but there are no other dangers besides them. In this survival shooter, your character will have to fight hunger and thirst, overcome a lot of difficulties, collect resources and craft, hunt and loot, and, of course, shoot a lot - there will be a lot of enemies around.

Earn to Die 2

Once again, players will have to get behind the wheel of a car to escape from the pursuit of the living dead. Hordes of zombies will attack your car in the sequel to the popular hit Earn to Die, and your task is to arm yourself properly, turning your car into a real killing machine. Only in this way will you be able to break through to salvation in the new, much longer and more extensive story mode implemented by the authors. Realistic destruction physics and even more addictive gameplay are waiting for you.

Zombie Anarchy (Zombies in the city)

Survive in a city overrun with zombies-a whole art, and this strategy will offer you either to master such an art, or to die-the third is not given. Here you will have to fight not only with hordes of undead, but also with gangs of looters, defend your settlement, collect resources, participate in online battles and build fortifications. As you can see, you won't be bored - but that's just as well.


This spectacular online shooter does not need any introduction - it is enough not only to frighteningly realistic zombies, but also unique weapons, special missions, PvP matches and story collisions. The game takes place on the territory of New York, where one of your five characters in the role of a fighter of an elite special squad cleans the streets of the city from the hordes of the undead.

Zombie Gunship, Inc

To visit the cockpit of an AC-130 attack aircraft and shoot a lot of machine guns?! Why not? In this game, this is quite possible, especially since your mission here is extremely noble: the survivors of the zombie apocalypse need to be saved and only you can protect them by firing from the air at the crowds of the walking dead in spectacular raids.

Dead Rivals (Dead World)

Here you will find not only a zombie theme, but also colorful graphics, a ton of action and elements of the classic MMORPG. This list is already enough to captivate players, but in addition to it, there is an open world that can be explored, extensive opportunities for leveling and customizing characters, a huge arsenal of deadly weapons and exciting missions where you will not only fight, but also survive.

Zombie Frontier 3

The Zombie Frontier series continues its successful march across mobile platforms, offering elements of strategy and role-playing combined with FPS gameplay. In it, your hero is waiting for tons of weapons and ammunition, realistic graphics and really dangerous missions-and all this in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by a zombie virus. test your strength and skills-dynamics and action, shootouts and deadly dangers are more than enough here.

Zombie Farm

Another zombie-themed game with a rather unexpected plot: a zombie, carried away by a girl, dreams of becoming a man. For this, he is ready to do a lot - even create his own farm to learn how to grow amazing plants, from which in the future it will be possible to brew a special elixir-zombium. It is he who will help your hero to turn back into a person and win the love of a girl. All this looks, at least, interesting, although not at all scary.

Into the Dead 2

The first game Into The Dead became a real hit, so the appearance of a sequel to this action game was only a matter of time. This time, the storyline of the game has become non-linear, there are much more missions, as well as weapons, and a variety of perks. The locations, already atmospheric and creepy, have become even more realistic, and the zombies are more dangerous due to the constantly changing tactics of actions.